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  • Hypbook presents! Hypnomaestro Live!
    Posted by Skyla ~In your mind~ April 5
    • Please join us for a special presentation from the wonderful Hypnomaestro! He will be teaching his class on Abreactions on April 19th, 8 p.m. eastern time
    • This is something you wont want to miss!
    • Learn ways to deal with abreations
    • Learn what abreactions are!
    • Learn how to identify when an abreaction is happening
    • This is a class worth coming to! 
    • Free in chat!
    • If you couldnt make it to NEEHU that is OK, this is one of the classes we took there, and it was amazingly helpful and insightful! 
    • I hope we see you there! 
  • No Anonymous Email Addys Allowed
    Posted by D February 5

    Due to abuse, accounts created using email anonymizer services will be automatically deleted.



  • Minors on the site...
    Posted by D October 9, 2012



    I want to remind everyone that due to the mature nature of this community, we absolutely do not permit minors to become members. No way, no how. If we find out you are underage, you will be banned, period, no exceptions. If we find out that you have knowingly consorted with minors on this site, you will be banned, period, no exceptions. If you discover that a member is underage and fail to bring it to the attention of an Admin and or Moderator, you will be banned, period, no exceptions. We have few hard rules on this site, however this is one of them. Every member of this community is expected to be vigilant in enforcing this rule as it exists for our mutual legal protection.


    To clarify further, we consider anyone under the legal age of 18 to be a minor.  Since we are based in the USA, this is the yard stick by which we measure.