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  • Hypbook Live Learning event!
    Posted by Skyla ~In your mind~ September 6

    HypnoMedia  presents  The History of erotic hypnosis!

     September 17th @ 8pm ET

    HypnoMedia has been interested in hypnosis ever since his pre-teen years. Since then he's amassed probably the largest private collection of hypnosis-related media material in the world. Through his interest in hypnosis, he watched the erotic hypnosis community form and grow over thirty years and then one day discovered he was a part of it."

    Do you know that a very famous Victorian author was also a hypnotist?
    Do you know what a type of hat, a town in Florida, actor John Barrymore and erotic hypnosis all have in common?
    Do you know what "a.s.s.m" or "a.s.f.r" means?
    Do you recognize the names Kinky Klare, Maddy Wrose, RC or Sophoria? 

    This is not a test. HypnoMedia will be talking about those items and more in regards to the history of the erotic hypnosis community and erotic hypnosis in general.

    Please join us for this fun and interesting class! Please also show up 5 minutes early, so class can start on time! See you there!  


  • New Member Sign up Process
    Posted by D June 8

    Due to an influx of abusive users, we are now requiring manual account activation.  In order to activate your account, please email us at, with some basic information about yourself, that can be used to verify your online identity.  Be prepared to provide details such as an established social media presence or references within the community, and a Skype ID which can be used to facilitate a quick voice chat.  We reserve the right to refuse membership for failing to provide information as requested by our admins.

    Thank you for understanding,


  • No Anonymous Email Addys Allowed
    Posted by D February 5

    Due to abuse, accounts created using email anonymizer services will be automatically deleted.